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July 2020 - New Children's Book Release

Where Is The RACE?

Imagine a world without racism.

Sherri Jefferson presents to the national coalition of juvenile justice "the houses that raise our girls"- august 21, 2021 

Sherri Jefferson advocates for youth facing covid-19
- April 2020

money magazine quotes sherri jefferson about the plights of college students - august 2020

Sherri Jefferson attains victory for #Justiceforcarol - npr - wclk 91.9 nov, 2020

Sherri is committed to being the change in the world that she wants to see.   READ MORE

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY REVIEW In her book Motor City "Jefferson,an author, successfully sheds light on the inefficacy of America’s “war on drugs.” . . .  story is set against a backdrop that deftly combines historical facts, quotations, and observations, through which Jefferson dynamically paints America’s ever-changing sociopolitical and cultural landscape. '