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Sherri Jefferson launches Eleven J Productions.

Eleven J is an independent production unit, which also serves as a book-to-film unit of Sherri Jefferson Publishing. The production unit is dedicated to creating concepts and content for stage, digital media, television, and films having social impact.

An advocate for social reform and justice, Sherri has dedicated her life to creating programs and services, which educate, engage, empower and enact change.  Sherri’s publishing includes concepts centered on many facets of social issues like true crime, law and justice, education, JUST US (Juvenile Urban Sex Trafficking in the United States), SOLD (Sex. Organ. Labor. Drug) and more.  Her works have garnered national and international recognition.

In collaboration with Sherri Jefferson Publishing, 11-J will be the book-to-film unit, which will adapt books to film so that she may reach a larger and diverse audience. Both divisions will be responsible for the documentary production and program development of specific projects and final script.

11-J productions will be responsible for fundraising for projects or working with a company, partner, or private investor.  When required, we will handle budgeting, scheduling, scripting, and the supply of talent and resources. 11-J will provide concepts and content to a media conglomerate, film studio, entertainment company, or Motion Picture Company, who works under contract on projects. 

We do not accept unsolicited materials from any other company, talent, or the general public. If you are interested in doing business with 11J, please visit our website.

 For more information: Please visit www.11JProductions.com

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