The LawMobile is The LawOnWheels
Improving the way people have access to the law
We Transfer Knowledge and Transform Lives


"For more than a decade, I have traveled to host seminars, workshops, town hall meetings, and provide programs and services to people who would not generally have access to legal services. The LawMobile is TheLawOnWheels offers a wide range of services that are delivered to your home, school, business, civic, or church community."


Our community based programs are free for indigents and their families. Contact us to learn more about those services. 


The LawMobile is the LawOnWheels help people to understand and navigate the legal system and to find solutions to address social justice reform. 


The LawMobile is the LawOnWheels provides programs and services concerning the "H.E.M.S." (housing, health, education, employment, maintenance (hunger, public benefits, domestic violence, immigration, consumer issues) and support (domestic violence, mental health, family issues).


The LawMobile does not provide legal representation for individuals or provide a referral service to connect clients with lawyers. If you are seeking a lawyer, please contact the lawyer referral service of your local bar association or go to the legal aid society in your state. 

CLICK here to learn how state laws impact your ability to get a job with a "record."



Our 6 P's program will deliver legal programs and services for collaboration between parents, pastors, principals, police, prosecutors and prison systems.  We also educate about the importance of seeking an expungement, but in states like Georgia, the prosecutors now have sole discretion to restrict records of criminal prosecution.


We will deliver programs and services to your community to discuss issues pertaining to landlord tenant, residential leases and rental agreements and meet with your church, tenant association, or home association to discuss varying issues that address foreclosure and mortgage issues. We help to provide an understanding  for 1st time home-buyers and discuss legal and ethical financing options and terms.


Our 6 P program will deliver program and services for parents, pastors, principals, physicians, psychologist and  pharmaceutical professionals to discuss the effects of crime, incarceration, housing and its effect upon healthcare. We will partner with pharmaceutical representatives to discuss mental health illness and the side effects of some medication. We will visit churches and nursing home establishments to discuss healthcare proxy and durable power of attorney, etc. 


Our legal delivery system is diverse and will aid people of all backgrounds.  


Our 4 E program will deliver services concerning Education, Employment, Economics = Empowerment.   We will partner with business and civic leaders to educate, inform and inspire children and their families by sharing the law.  We will develop and deliver legal educational material for your business or community. 


We engage in visitations to incarcerated indigent persons or confined nursing home patients to discuss patient and prisoner rights.