I AM #FemaleNotFEEmale

#FemaleNotFEEmale is a national initiative utilizing four strategic/action-oriented campaigns to promote justice and opportunities for victims of child sex slavery and human trafficking in the United States, while recognizing that victims of urban sex trafficking are also transported from Jamaica, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. 


Recognizing that crimes against victims of urban sex trafficking are often unsolved, through project "Code Case," we engage in advocating and activism for solving crimes.  Our victims are "SOLD" - Trafficked for "Sex, Organs, Labor, Drugs."


We offer a prevention education curriculum and train members of the #17Ps and front line responders in recgonizing urban sex trafficking victims. Our work is published on different platforms around the world. 

Through our Justice for JUST US - Juvenile Urban Sex Trafficking in the United States - platform, we are advocating to end juvenile sex trafficking, the plights of "Urban Trafficking," and to dismantle the Prostitution to Prison Pipeline.

  1. We are advocating against prosecuting children as prostitutes and for providing treatment and services in mental health, substance abuse, and healthcare. We provide free legal services to victims.

  2. We are advocating against jailhouse incarceration and for unrestrictive safe houses that do not require court-ordered state custody. We seek educational, health, intervention and preventive services by trusted experts in the field of sex trafficking.

  3. We are advocating for a Fair Criminal Records Reporting Act, which like credit histories, will delete criminal records that impact victims of sex trafficking who are charged for prostitution or related offenses. Expungement and Restriction do not delete records, it merely seals them.

  4. We are advocating to prevent collateral consequences associated with a criminal record, which impacts the H.E.M.S (Housing, Health, Education, Employment, Maintenance and Support) of victims of juvenile urban sex trafficking and child sexual exploitation.  READ MORE