just conference

The JUST Conference, Webinar, Seminar and Training series is hosted by Sherri Jefferson, AAJJP and FemaleNOTFeemale to educate, empower, engage, encourage, enact and work to end juvenile urban sex trafficking in the United States.  Our teachings instill awareness, activism, and advocacy that leads to abolishing the criminalization and victimization associated with urban sex trafficking.


Our Justice for JUST US  platform educates people about juvenile urban sex trafficking in the United States by differentiating between domestic sex trafficking and urban sex trafficking as well as prostitution and sex trafficking and exploitation.


We are the first to utilize an integrated, multi-disciplinary methodology of incorporating the 17Ps to eradicate the victimization and criminalization of juvenile sex trafficking within the United States.

Information about upcoming events can be found at www.JUSTConference.us