1. Since 2001, she has been providing free programs and services to victims of sex trafficking in urban corridors.  

  2. She coined the term "Juvenile Urban Sex Trafficking - JUST"and "Urban Sex Trafficking - UST."

  3. She has differentiated between prostitution and sex trafficking and domestic sex trafficking and urban sex trafficking.

  4. She is the first to create integrative methods that incorporates the H.E.M.S. and the Ps (community, healthcare, criminal justice, political and media tracks) to educate, engage, empower, enact and end juvenile sex trafficking within the United States.  

  5. Her multidisciplinary/collaborative methods are used by politicians, organizations, churches, schools and communities. 

  6. She trains domestically and internationally on the subject of urban sex trafficking and juvenile urban sex trafficking - JUST and created a ribbon for victims of urban sex trafficking.

  7. Since 2001,  Sherri Jefferson has addressed the issues of criminalization of domestic (United States) victims of sex trafficking and the need for deletion of criminal records.  

  8. Now, the American Bar Association and others have taken steps to advocate for expungement/restriction of records.

  9. Since most victims do not have access to legal services,  Jefferson's Law Mobile provides free services to these victims through outreach programs. 

  10. #FemaleNOTFeemale has a curriculum about urban sex trafficking

  11. She initiated the first of its kind - multiple social media platform engagement - to bring awareness to juvenile urban sex trafficking. Her other training and programs, includes but is not limited to, offering CLE to attorneys, and courses to members of the 17Ps.

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