The African American Juvenile Justice Project (AAJJP)

African-American children face a duality of socialization in our society, which is also characterized by institutionalized and systemic racism and untenable obstacles. However, African Americans cannot live in excuses, denial, and justification by failing to recognize and be willing to resolve its own problems, which result in the deprivation and delinquency of its children.

Sherri Jefferson founded the African American Juvenile Justice Project, a pro bono program that focuses on community accountability and responsibility, youth leadership and legislative initiatives for juvenile justice and reform. AAJJP is founded on the principles that Education + Employment + Economics = Empowerment. Together, we can change the plights that hinder growth and development in children.

The mission of the African-American Juvenile Justice Project (AAJJP) is to provide programs and services for social justice and reform, which engage the African-American community, the school system, and the child welfare and juvenile justice system. While we are a race-specific program, we encourage participation from all persons of concern and we will assist other groups in need of programs and services.

The following topics are critical areas of interest:

Child Care (Teen Pregnancy, Early Care and Early Childhood Services)

Education (Academic Preparedness, Standardize Testing, Special Education and School Discipline and its impact on African-American Children)

Delinquency (Juvenile Delinquency, Detention, Alternative Schools, Drop-Out Rates)

Deprivation (The Difference Between Abuse, Neglect and Poverty; Displacement of African-American Children and Medicating Children

)Healthcare (Medicating Children, Mental and Behavioral disorders, Special Education and Medicating African-American Children)

African-American Children and the Law (Dismantling the prison pipeline (poverty, prostitution/sexual abuse and school), Participation in juvenile cases via pro bono services, litigation, attendance and representation at school tribunals, juvenile court proceedings and legislative reform advocacy)

PROJECT 6Ps Two Track Program

Track One -Mental Health and Wellness

Parents, Pastors, Principals, Psychologist, Physicians and Pharmaceutical industry

Deprivation and Displacement of African-American Children and Families

The Role of DHR/DFCS/CPS

Distinguishing between poverty and blatant neglect

Child Abuse



Mental Health

Medication of Children

Diagnosis of African American children

Track Two - Delinquency and the Prison Pipeline

Parents, Pastors, Principals, Police, Prosecutors and Prison Official

Delinquency and Detention of African-American Children Prison Pipeline




Defining delinquent offenses





The Role of the School System

Parenting a delinquent child (Knowing your rights)

“For these are all our children, and we will all profit by, or pay for, whatever they become.” -- James Baldwin