JUST/DMST & CSE Awareness Ribbon: Attorney Sherri Jefferson & the African American Juvenile

Sherri Jefferson is proud to announce the creation of a JUST/DMST and CSE awareness ribbon. The African American Juvenile Justice Project (AAJJP) created the awareness ribbon for victims of juvenile urban sex trafficking, domestic minor sext trafficking and child sexual exploitation.

The ribbon colors are dark blue for human trafficking, light blue for child abuse and teal for sexual abuse victims. “Individually, the colors represent so many other awareness issues. Therefore, it is important to custom design a ribbon specific to the issue of domestic minor sex trafficking and child sexual exploitation,” said Sherri Jefferson, the founder of the African American Juvenile Justice Project. Most advocates use the terms "CSCE" to define commercial sexual child exploitation, Jefferson believes that whether commercialized or not that the sexual exploitation of children is criminal for such reason, she does not add an extra "C" and only uses the term CSE to bring awareness to the plight of all victims of child sexual exploitation.