Sherri Jefferson: Speaker at Operation Reform 2015 Conference

Attorney Sherri Jefferson appeared as a speaker for Operation Reform. On November 18, 2015, Operation Reform and #Cut50 hosted a three-day event involving leading experts from across the country to discuss criminal justice reform and re-entry in America.

As seen in the photo below, Sherri Jefferson attended the "White House Luncheon" and is joined by Roy Austin who is President Obama's Deputy of Urban Policy; Oprah's 'top five,' author Shaka Senghor. Kevin Gay of Operation Reform and Van Jones, CNN Political Commentator and the former EP advisor for President Obama hosted the event with Operation Reform.

Sherri Jefferson passionately delivered a message on "Breaking the Cycle" and the impact of juveniles in the system. Jefferson discussed the four pipelines leading to the incarceration of youth (school, poverty, mental illness and sexual abuse-to-prison pipeline). She was joined by leading experts from across the country

Some of Jefferson's quotes were tweeted by Operation Reform

  1. Operation Reform ‏@OperationReform Nov 19

@JeffersonandCo: "It's impossible to talk reentry when we don't discuss the collateral consequences" #OperationReform

  1. Operation Reform ‏@OperationReform Nov 19

Sherri Jefferson @JeffersonandCo: "It's not enough to decriminalize prostitution when these young girls are victims of it" #OperationReform