Sherri Jefferson Advocates for Victims of Sex Trafficking

On Thursday, February 11, 2016 Attorney Sherri Jefferson of the African American Juvenile Justice Project attended and participated in the Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking #DMSTLobbyDay2016 event at the Georgia State Capitol.

The purpose of the event is to join in unity with other program and service providers for victims of sex trafficking and to give thanks to supporting legislators who sponsor and vote on favorable legislation to end the cycle of human and sex trafficking in Georgia.

Attorney Sherri Jefferson through the AAJJP, Family Law Center and #FemaleNOTFeemale provides programs and services to victims of human and sex trafficking and has led the call to advocate for legislative reform to prevent victims of human trafficking and child exploitation from being prosecuted as prostitutes. This year, Georgia has introducted Senate Resolution 7 that will amend the law and authorize the voters to cast their ballots to prevent victims from being charged as prostitutes. It has been a long journey!

The event was held at the Historic Freight Depot at 65 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr in Atlanta and included guest speakers and a luncheon. Like other participants, Jefferson visited the offices of her legislators in the Coverdell Building and at the Capitol to encourage continued support of legislative reform.