#FemaleNOTFeemale, AAJJP, and Attorney Sherri Jefferson Are Making Strives To End Juvenile Urban Sex

#FemaleNOTFeemale, AAJJP and Attorney Sherri Jefferson Update

#FemaleNOTFeemale, AAJJP and Attorney Sherri Jefferson are proud to announce some proposed changes as an actual cause of our advocacy in Georgia on the issue of sex trafficking of juveniles.

In September, 2015 at the symposium on Human Trafficking in Decatur, Georgia, Jefferson stood before members of the FBI, GBI, Homeland Security, ICE, INS, etc., and diligently addressed the issue of incarcerating youth for prostitution and maintaining criminal records. She addressed restriction, expungement and services for youth. At the time, the State of Georgia had recently passed legislation that abandoned these issues.

UPDATE: The Georgia legislators have announced Senate Resolution 7 that will be on the ballot in November 2016 to prevent criminalizing juveniles for prostitution. Visit www,femalenotfeemale.com for review the Resolution.

In February and March 2016, Jefferson spoke candidly about the powers that be who engage in solicitation of prostitution including Georgia judges citing, while it may not be favorable to some, and while it may not be politically correct, it is the responsibility of advocates to be truthful about the plights faced by juvenile prostitutes and victims of human trafficking.

UPDATE: The State Attorney General has announced that he will “Unmask” Johns and “Buyers” involved in sex trafficking - this announcement comes after he has already completed almost 80% of his term.