#BridgetShiel: A Promising Future

The media says that Bridget Shiel was a "woman," but she was only a 19-year old teenager who had a promising future.

She recently graduated from high school - the class of 2015 - but, was murdered in Atlanta - the sex trafficking capital of America. According to her Instagram site, she was a model for "GirlieGirls." Bridget Shiel was a very beautiful girl, who like many aspiring models, may have been lured into a life of unthinkable commitments.

The African American Juvenile Justice Project, #FemaleNOTFeemale and Attorney Sherri Jefferson sincerely hopes that the person or persons responsible for Bridget Shiel's brutal death are prosecuted. This hope relies upon the citizens of Georgia and elsewhere to come forth with information about the events that led to her death.

By exposing her bullet riddled, nude body someone was obviously trying to invoke fear and to send a clear message. Citizens are empowered to respond with a message of their own - these vicious acts will not be tolerated!