Hail to the King! "King" Muhammad Ali is Laid to Rest Today.

Hail to the King: “King” Muhammad Ali Is Laid To Rest Today.

On behalf of the African-American Juvenile Justice Project, Attorney Sherri Jefferson extends condolences to the family of Muhammad Ali.

Today, many will remind us that “King” Muhammad Ali attained his re-certification to engage in professional boxing in the State of Georgia. Well, it is befitting for the “King” that he attained his re-certification to fight in the City of Atlanta. The city is the birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King. So whether he attained re-certification, “King” Ali would have gone down in history as the greatest athlete in the world. Before attaining re-certification, he is remembered for his campaign against the injustices of black people in America, the War in Vietnam, his faith and interfaith connections, and his love of family and community.

Respectfully, on this day “King” Ali is not merely recognized for his boxing endeavors. Rather, he is recognized worldwide for his fight for social injustices outside of the ring and doing so made him a champion. He fought the best fight ever. Muhammad Ali shall forever be remembered; but not simply as one of the world’s greatest athletes. Rather, as a symbol for social, religious and economic empowerment.

Through his faith, we learn that a man can attain the treasures of this world, but according to “King” Ali such a man will have a void that only God can fulfill. Ali has instilled values of peace, harmony, love, forgiveness, and patience. “King” Ali stood up when many men fell down. He maintained his dignity and integrity against all odds. Today, some athletes comprise mind, body and soul for the treasures of this world and will leave no legacy. For more than 50 years, “King” Ali has impressed us and instilled in us morals, values and the importance of self-respect. Today and every day let us remember “King” Ali. Hail to the King!