The African American Juvenile Justice Project Salutes NIA COLE Winner of the GCBA's Supreme Cour

Supreme Court of Georgia Justice Benham with Nia Cole Gate City Mock Trial Champion

The African American Juvenile Justice Project and Attorney Sherri Jefferson salutes and congratulates NIA COLE on her successful participation in the Justice Robert Benham Law Camp sponsored by the Gate City Bar Association. Justice Benham is the first African American male justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia. Gate City is the nations’ oldest African-American association for lawyers.

AAJJP and Attorney Sherri Jefferson are pleased to announce that Nia Cole attained victory in the Mock Trial competitions. Like other program participants, she proves that hard work and dedication is necessary to be successful in life. We are so proud of her accomplishments and are pleased to have been a part of her journey.

Nia Cole with Attorney Harold Franklin of Gate City Bar Justice Benham Mock Trial Champion

Nia Cole loves the field of law and has envisioned a successful career as an attorney. In her free time, she loves golf, cheerleading, and debating. Her golf skills have earned her a title as one of Georgia’s best female golfers in high school sports. AAJJP and Attorney Sherri Jefferson are grateful to the Cole Family for entrusting us with Nia’s talents, skills, and expertise. They are devoted to her successful life journey.