Power of the Ps: #ThinkSafetyFirst Keeping Children and the Community Safe

Sherri Jefferson

On Wednesday, May 24th, 2017 at 6 pm Attorney Sherri Jefferson organized a teen and parent

forum, The Power of the Ps. Jefferson spoke about how to keep children and the community safe with the guidance and awareness of Parents, Principals, Pastors, Police and Prosecutors Physicians, Psychiatrists and Pharmaceutical Professionals. Resources were shared to help #ThinkSafetyFirst.

Lesa Fulks of the Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center and Rosha Rackley of PINQ spoke as community resource presenters.

Lesa, enlightened the community about the importance of educating children about abstinence, FPRC's purity tea party, children’s lack of understanding about sex, early prevention and alternatives to abortion.

Rosha spoke about building self-esteem, character and communication skills in children and the role of parents. She spoke about being a mother, parent, wife and businesswoman and the issues of raising boys versus girls.

The evening culminated with engagements from parents seeking guidance about their roles as parents and how to effectively parent in this new millennium. We heard from educators and pastors about the role of the school, community and the church.

Of most importance, we heard from teenagers who expressed their understanding of what a parent is and should be in their lives. One of the teenagers engaged in a dialogue about the role of his parents. He was in attendance with his father.

The dialogue included,

Q. If you had a million dollars, what would you do?

A. I would retire my father so that I could have time with him.

Q. What would you do with that time?

A. Just chill. I would just chill with my father. He and I could just chill.

Wow! An amazing moment in time when parents could hear that children just want time! The value of time is immeasurable!

Papa Johns pizza provided Sherri Jefferson with food and desserts for the participants. Attorney Jefferson provided giveaways for the participants. A great evening of educating, empowering, engaging and enacting.

#ThinkSafetyFirst #PowerOfThePs